San Francisco Home Insurance Update

San Francisco Home Insurance Update

Don't fear! We're here to tell you that we have solutions! First of all, you should know that there are still over 100+ Insurance carriers in the state of California. 

Some of the reasons some insurance carriers are denying insurance to owners:

  • Existing Knob & Tube Electrical wiring
  • An Older Roof 
  • Past insurance Claims
  • Property Hazards or Litigation

How we can help:

  • We are regularly researching Insurance companies that are writing policies in San Francisco
  • We have identified Insurance carriers that will typically insure properties with existing Knob & Tube wiring
  • We have trusted Insurance Brokers who can help identify insurance policies for properties with issues
  • There is always the California Fair Plan which is a state-run plan that is available to nearly all residential properties in the state. 

Finally, to protect yourself and your home, here are some helpful tips:

  • If you're doing some interior painting, that may be the perfect time to upgrade some old electrical. 
  • Don't let your insurance policy lapse or the carrier may drop your coverage.  
  • Maintain your roof and your property!  
  • Inspect the condition of your property periodically and don't fall behind on maintenance items.  
  • Before submitting a claim, assess whether its worth it to report to your insurance company.  Multiple claims could increase your insurance costs.
Contact me if you need some help with your property insurance.  

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